Our Ministries

Marriage Ministry

Our goal is to teach couples to approach the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of marriage from a Biblical perspective by:

Helping them to get to know themselves;
Helping them get to know each other;
Helping them to get to know God by intimacy as husband and wife;
Experiencing growth in their communication skills and intimacy;
Identifying areas in their relationship that need help and exploration.

We endeavor to preserve the sanctity of marriage by enhancing the joy and honor of marriage as God intended.

Contact:              Pastor Candace Rivers – c.rivers@rehobothawc.org
                           Min. Shawn Rivers – s.rivers@rehobothawc.org

Christian Education
The Christian Education Department provides foundation for people of all ages to grow in desire and commitment to follow Jesus. It is our belief that we apply God's word to our lives in a practical way.

Contact: Sis. Rose Waller, Superintendent– r.waller@rehobothawc.org

 Fresh Word Ministry

The Fresh Word Ministry is a multi-media ministry designed to deliver fresh, anointed Word to souls via quality CDs and DVDs. It is our belief that when you listen to the anointed Word or music ministry, you will reap the blessings.

Contact: Pastor Reginald Jackson – r.jackson@rehobothawc.org

Men of Valor

We are men who stand on our core values of accountability and integrity. Through the leading and guidance of Jesus Christ, our mission is to build a righteous and faithful, world-impacting brotherhood by ministering to the needs of men through prayer, teaching, and fellowship. With the teaching of biblical principles, we effectively deal with the issues of men in hopes of improving their lives and relationships with their family, church, community and peers.

Contact: Deacon Jesse Shorts – j.shorts@rehobothawc.org 

W.O.W.W. Women's Ministry

Women oWorth & Wholeness women's ministry involves ministry in the spirit of sisterhood.  It is a mosaic of bonding, rapport, fellowship, support and most importantly, common purpose.  This ministry serves as a support system and covering for women who strive to live a life better than before.  Through activities, events and bible studies, W.O.W.W. encourages women of all ages to strive at living purpose driven lives.

Contact:         Min. LaTonia McGahee - l.mcgahee@rehoboth

                             Sis. Cheri Alexander - c.alexander@rehobothawc.org

Sacred Arts

The sacred arts are spiritual forms of expression that include, but are not limited to, music, drama, dance, art, poetry, audio and video. Each expression can be done alone, or be inclusive of some or all of the other forms.

PURPOSE—To serve the people of God through music, drama and dance. We want to usher in the presence of God to prepare the hearts of the congregation to receive the word of God. It is ordained of God and created by Him that we worship and praise in these forms of expression. God created our bodies to give Him all the Glory. This includes mind and voice. We praise God in dance, with the instruments and singing hymns, psalms and spiritual songs. It is our endeavor to give God what He loves and wants with sincerity, gladness and excellence.

COMMITMENT—We are committed to this ministry and all that it entails and will serve with excellence, faithfulness and integrity. This commitment is not only to this ministry but to the work of the kingdom through Rehoboth Apostolic Worship align.

Contact: Min. Candace Rivers – c.rivers@rehobothawc.org 

Young People

The Young Peoples' ministry of Rehoboth Apostolic Worship align is comprised of young women, men, boys and girls excited about what Christ is doing in their lives. We endeavor to grow in the knowledge and service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In an effort to know whose we are and who we are in Christ, we connect to each other through worship, godly service and social outings. We are adding daily to the Kingdom such as should be saved and empowering young people to advance in the things of God and in their natural lives as intelligent, fully-functioning change agents. We are building the Kingdom one youth at a time.

Contact: Kellen Thornton – k.thornton@rehobothawc.org

Project Smiles/Have a Heart

"And of some have compassion, making a difference... " Jude 1:22

Project Smiles is a ministry focused on the gift of giving to the "gifts" in the kingdom. We serve by providing tangible gifts to that will build up, edify and encourage our youth. This is also an outreach ministry that has partnered with local community schools providing school supplies and other items for children to ease the load and make learning more accessible. We also share the love of Christ by reaching out to the elderly in local senior homes and shelters by providing blankets and toiletries.

Have-a-Heart is a faith-based program designed to have caring individuals make a difference in the life of others through mentoring. Mentors are charged with providing support, giving advice and offering friendship that will help shape the future of the mentee in a positive way.

The mentors also help the young person define and achieve his or her goals. Have a Heart will offer guidance along with academic support that will afford the youth the opportunity to excel both spiritually and naturally in spite of what may be going on around them.

Contact: Sis. Karen E. Carter – k.carter@rehobothawc.org


The Academic Department is committed to supporting the students of Rehoboth Apostolic Worship align in their educational pursuits and recognizing their academic accomplishments. The members of the Academic Department oversee the Hiram Jackson Scholarship Fund which is named in honor of the Pastor Emeritus

The mission of the Scholarship Fund is to provide financial support to college-level students in the pursuit of their academic goals. The Scholarship Fund seeks to respond to a financial need and to make a positive difference in the lives of the students, as they grow to become confident, competent and caring adults.

Additionally, the Academic Department holds an annual Academic Achievement Program where students are presented with certificates, medals and other gifts in recognition of their academic achievements during the prior school year.

Throughout the school year, the Academic Department seeks to help students with homework, reading and math skills and general study. A writing lab will be introduced in 2011 for students of all ages where we will stress the importance of excellent writing by teaching writing skills based on grammar and punctuation, ideas, organization, word choice and sentence structure and more.

Contact: Sis. Karen E. Carter – k.carter@rehobothawc.org