Our Pastor

Yolanda Michelle Hunt is the Senior Pastor of the Rehoboth Apostolic Worship, formerly True Holiness Pentecostal Church, in Chicago, Illinois. Pastor Hunt is an ordained minister of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. (P.A. of W.). Her ministry skills in leadership, altar worker's training, ministerial development and administration have taken her across the United States, Canada and throughout parts of Europe.

Pastor Hunt is a forward moving, focused individual who works tirelessly and passionately for the kingdom of God. Pastor Hunt understands the work that is necessary to build and maintain the kingdom of God and is dedicated to its advancement. As a result of her passion, the membership has greatly multiplied since Pastor Hunt's assignment to Rehoboth.

Pastor Hunt encourages everyone to serve with excellence and leads in that service by example. Because of her example and leadership, many of the members have taken on greater responsibilities in teaching, ministering, mentoring and being overall diligent servant leaders, this includes even the young people of Rehoboth.

Pastor Hunt understands the importance of taking ministry outside of the church walls. Under her direction, the Rehoboth church family embraces those in the community, endeavored as says the church's motto to be "connected to Christ through; toughing the world through ministry. As evidenced, Rehoboth participates in community outreach programs, partnering with and sponsoring two neighborhood schools, local shelters and hosting an annual Community Day where those in the area are able to obtain needed supplies, healthcare information, and educational supports.

Pastor Hunt holds a B. A. in English Education and a minor in Psychology from Chicago State University. She is an anointed and much sought after woman of God. Pastor Hunt has served in ministry since the age of 16. Over the years, prior to her elevation as pastor, she has worked as church administrator, focusing on ministry development and restructure, staff development and training. Pastor Hunt also served for many years as the chairperson of the Illinois District Council Young People's Union. On the national level she served with the International Pentecostal Young People's Union (IPYPU) of the P. A. of W. as Regional Coordinator of the Satellite Program, Public Relations Assistant and Director of the Worship Ministry. Pastor Hunt is also noted for beginning a local campus ministry at both Saint Xavier University and Chicago State University.

In addition to her pastoral duties, Pastor Hunt serves as Vice Chairman of the Illinois District Council and advisor to the IDC Singles' Ministry. Keeping in character with her desire to help others and to fulfill God's purpose for her life, Pastor Hunt continues to reach the hearts of many through prayer, counseling, teaching, preaching, training and evangelism. She believes that the growth of the church happens as people grow and is dedicated to strengthening the people.